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Target Industries

Holmes County provides companies the stability they need to expand and grow.

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Manufacturing and Fabrication

From Holmes County, your company can get materials in and products out efficiently and cost-effectively. Holmes County has the mechanically inclined workforce necessary for the development, manufacture, and processing of metals and advanced materials.

Distribution & Logistics

Holmes County’s crossroads of interstate, highway, and rail, combined with our proximity to multiple international airports and water ports allows for centralized travel and efficient shipping to your next destination. From Holmes County, your company can reach much of the southeastern U.S. by truck within a one-day truck haul.

Doctors Memorial Hospital


Our healthcare community is becoming an attractive resource to the burgeoning population of retirees moving to our neighboring coastal communities who prefer a more personalized, less institutional experience with their healthcare provider.

Bonifay’s Doctors Memorial Hospital leads the way with an expansion of a robotic surgical system and other minimally invasive procedures.

Agriculture & Forestry

Produce packagers and processors have access to multiple state farmer’s markets in a day’s drive from Holmes County. Proximity to the USDA natural resources office, plentiful lumber supply, and forestry industry production plants in the region support expansion of the industry in Holmes County.